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WWE supercard hack
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WWE SuperCard is a video game for Android and IOS that was developed in 2014. This game was developed by Cat Daddy Games and hence falls in the WWE categories they developed. The best thing about WWE Supercard Hack is that it is a mobile installment video game. The video game was published 2K Games. This is a curio oddity card game that facets WWE superstars.

The WWE SuperCard game has a number of game modes. Some of these modes include; Wild (which is introduced in season three and is normally used as a name change foe Exhibition) Road to Glory, King of the Ring. It also has Ring Domination (introduced in Season 2), People’s Champion Challenge (retired after Season 2), Money in the Bank (introduced in Season 2), Royal Rumble (introduced in Season 3), Team Battleground (introduced in Season 3). Ranked mode was however changed to “War” mode after Season four was launched on 15th November 2017.

Additional modes include; Elimination Chamber that came into play in season 4, Last Man Standing that was also brought into limelight in season, and Women’s Royal Rumble which again invented in Season 4. However, the public had the advantage of seeing Over The Limit in season 5 together with Giant Unleashed. In Season 6, they surprised their gamers with Team Roadblock.

How To Use Our WWE Supercard Hack Tool

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  1. Enter your email or username from the game. 
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Is It Possible To Hack WWE Supercard Game? 

Progressing in the WWE Supercard Game can prove to be a bit challenging. No matter how good you are and how high your IQ is, you will still find yourself stuck at a certain level of the game. Your greatest desire might be becoming a super wrestler but no matter how much you try, progressing in the game becomes a bit challenging. 

At such a time, the last thing you would wish to get is a hack tool that you can use to progress through these levels. Nothing would come in handy for you than a WWE Supercard hack tool generator. The answer to this question therefore is, WWE Supercard can be hacked.

Is The WWE Supercard Hack necessary?

Staying on the game longer means being able to unlock as many cards as possible. The more cards you have on your deck of cards the more your chances of winning in the game. At the same time, every card you unlock in the game gives you more than the previous cards you had. For that reason, players do everything they can to ensure that they upgrade as many cards as possible. With enough resources, you will not only be able to upgrade your existing cards but also unlock the locked ones. 

There are different types of cards on the WWE Supercard game, and they are all available at different levels. You need enough resources to unlock all these cards to be in a position of enjoying your game with any restrictions. Just like any other game, there are different procedures to follow in unlocking these cards. Every type of card needs a certain number of wins from the gamer for it to be unlocked. This proves to be a bit difficult, especially if you want to see yourself go through all these levels with ease. This is where the WWE Supercard Hack generator tool comes in. 

Different Levels Of WWE Supercard Game:

Before we teach you how to use our WWE Supercard hack tool, it is important to give you a clear picture of what the WWE Supercard game Hack is. Below are the different levels of the game and each level indicates what is expected from the player in every level. 

What is Wild Mode?

The wild mode requires a player to set up four male superstars into a group, two support cards, and two female superstars. The gamer is then expected to pick from any free cards between season 1, 2,3, and four. He or she will then be expected to choose from three opponents with similarity to his tier. The same will also provide the total number of matches the opponent has won and lost. Your creativity is highly appreciated at this level, as this is what will determine how fast you will be able to move to the next level. 

There are two things that the player is expected to do at this point. One is to select the opponent, and secondly is to use the opponent’s deco to match in front. All the games of wild mode get set inside the NXT arena in the 4th season. In season 3, a bar or a gym might be used to hold the games. The bars or gyms used must have WWE logos throughout the arena.

There are varieties of matches featured on each wild match, and the player is expected to select a single card or two that may or may not have a support card. Getting to play this mode is not as easy as you might think, but if you play your cards well, it will be a walk in the park. When you get involved in such a match, you must play a part in all the three matches, and if you emerge the winner, then you can be sure of the reward of one point.  

In the Wild Mode, it is possible for players to end up in a tie. In such a case, each player is awarded an additional point, which again might lead to a tie. This means there will be a need for another match to determine the winner.

The one who emerges as the winner is the one who is declared the winner of the entire match. A winner is awarded two picks while a loss provides them with just a single pick. A perfect win of 3-0 earns the winner an additional pick while watching an ad will earn the player an additional four bonus picks.

What is the King of the Ring?

In King of the Ring, which is also abbreviated as (KOTR) matches are simulated. This mode involves the building of an eight superstars deck as well as double support cards and double diva cards. This helps the player in building the tier and the rewards. The player is then matched with 14 other players or bots by the AI, and his or her lineup plays simulated matches thrice (but not consecutively) with every opponent’s squads.

The simulated matches are played in a certain manner, and every match takes approximately 10 minutes but is divided approximately 50 minutes before the beginning of a new match. Half of the players cards might lose stamina eight per match and becomes inactive while the other half gains stamina. The player might then be forced to use the card picks he or she had obtained in the Wild mode to fill the energy bar of a card.

The eight top players are expected to move to the opponents’ bracket after 45 minutes and the quarter-finals. This means, in every match, the consecutive games are two or three between two of the top eight players for them to find the winner. Every gamer might be able to receive their KOTR rewards depending on their position 15 minutes to the hour after their last match.

How to play the Road to Glory?

In this mode, the player is tasked with constructing a team made of 16 superstars, 2 support cards and 4 female superstars. This mode also allows the player to choose their opponent just as they would do with the People’s Champion Challenge for them to earn points. Road To Glory mode has similarities with the exhibition as the only difference is that it has more matches.

The Road To Glory match is divided into 4 rounds, and players receive 4 random cards. The winner is however, determined by the number of matches one has won by the end of the four rounds. The winner will then be rewarded with 3 to 9 draft picks depending on the match results.

Once a player has won a set number of points, the gamer can be rewarded with a card. Just like many other modes like Royal Rumble, this mode utilized a system where gamers can play five matches in a row. Free matches are won by the player every 15 minutes. At the same time, they can pay for bouts with credits.

How is Ring Domination mode played?

The Ring Domination mode is made of 2 Support cards and 10 Superstars, but there are no females in this mode. The players use a 3*3 grid or 9 tiles to play this mode. For you to emerge the victor in this mode, you must win the majority number of tiles before the game is over.

The player is issued with six cards and two support cards, which are dealt randomly from their deck. For a player to control a tile, they must place a card on a tile. The opponent then uses the alignment of the tiles when challenging for a tile. The loser of the game is then controlled by the winner. Once you have filled all the nine tiles with cards, the game is declared over. To determine the winner, the number of cards in the nine tiers is counted; the one with most of the cards is declared the winner.

The winner of the game is rewarded with four pick cards while the loser receives two picks for completing the game. The picks are then used to reveal a certain special card and the player who reveals the card owns it.

How Seasons 2 To 6 Are Attained?

Season 2 comes in handy in introducing multi-challenge enhancements and tokens to the cards. At the same time, the cards can level up using an attribute known as Play Levels. This saw the disqualification of Season one cards playing against Season 2 cards.  

Season 3 saw the introduction of new modes, including the Royal Rumble mode. The players in this game use 15 cards. At the same time, there was an addition of another feature to the game, which is known as Attitudes.

New events were again added to the 4th season, which included Women’s Royal Rumble events and an all-female Elimination Chamber. Player modes vs. Live Player has been merged into weekly matches which allow players to earn points and upgrade heading.

The 5th season made the game even more entertaining as it brought with it a brand new layout of the WWE SuperCard Hack. It has also made the use of multiple fusion chambers consecutively possible. This season also added three new tiers to the game, which are; Gothic, Shattered, and Neon.

A new event was again introduced and the new event was known as “Over The Limit,” which was introduced in 11th December 2018. The WrestleMania 35 tier was added on 3rd April in 2019, while Cataclysm tier was added on 12th June 2019, and finally, the developers added Summerslam 19 tier in August 2019.

Season 6:

The game has continued being developed as new modes have continued being added to the game. The game has seen the addition of over 250 new cards across three new tiers identified as Primal, Vanguard, and Nightmare. The new season or Season 6 uses an all-new leveling system. This comes in handy for players in the performance center.  

NB: The process takes at least two minutes, but it might take longer in some circumstances. 


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