How To Get Legacy Cards In WWE Supercard


Video games are fun to play, and many gamers cannot do without one or two video games in their gadgets. Although there are people who think that these games are for lazybones who are idle and have nothing to do. However, the truth is, these games are beneficial in mind development and have been reported to improve the concentration ability of the gamers. Therefore, if you are looking for a great way of spending your free time, and develop your brain in the process, WWE Supercard is the way to go. 

The different tiers in WWE Supercard game:

There are several cards that are exchanged in the WWE super card. Therefore, every game aims to attain as many cards as they can to be able to progress in the game. There are different tiers of cards in the game, and this is what explains which level you are at. This is very important as it is what determines the card you will be able to pull. This is because; you will never be ready to go above your current tier. Your current tier is also what your pity pull is based on. 

When you get to People’s Champion Challenge (PCC) and King of The Ring (KOTR) tournaments, the exhibition will give you an opportunity of facing the decks of your tiers. However, when you are on Ring Dominion (RD) and Road To Glory (RTG) modes, it is possible to see decks of the tiers of other people. 

In every tier, there are normally three levels which are basic + and ++. The more you progress through these levels, the easier it becomes for you to gain cards of that particular tier. In return, the number of board resets you require to get to your pity pull is decreased. This means that you register a double win. 

There are very many tiers of cards in the WWE Supercard game. Some of these tiers include Rare (this is the starter tier). The Rare tier is followed by Super Rare, followed by Ultra Rare. Once you get to higher modes in the game, you are given tiers like EpicLegendary and Survivor. The survivor tier is followed by Wrestlemania; this is followed by SummerslamHardened and Elite.  

There are so many tiers of cards in the WWE Supercard, and it might not be possible to mention all of them. The highest tiers are, however, as listed below; Gothic, this is followed by Neon, then Shattered, and WM 35. The top five are Cataclysm, followed by SS’19 followed by Nightmare and Primal the topmost being Vanguard


Although the gamers are lucky enough to get to all these tiers, it important to understand that the deck set up is slightly different on each game mode. Therefore, all you need to do is to work hard and go through all the levels to enjoy the view of all the different deck set up in the game.