How To Get Free Credits In WWE Supercard

WWE supercard credits

WWE Supercard can be defined as a battle PVP card game. The game is perfect in boosting your adrenaline to the top, and all you will desire to keep playing without stopping. This might, however, be a bit difficult if you do not have enough credit cards. 

This should, however, not be a problem anymore. We have the best and newest version of the generator that makes it easier for you to generate free WWE SuperCard Credits. With these Supercard Credits, you will be able to collect rare cards, and it will also be easy to level much faster. Most importantly, crushing your foes and becoming the strongest champion will be a walk in the park. 

The best thing about this generator is that there are no complicated steps that you will need to follow. Although you might be required to watch a video, it will be for your good as it is giving you simple instructions on how to go about the whole thing. 

What are credits in WWE Supercard game?

If it is your first time to get into this game, you might not be very familiar with all the nuggets in the game. This means that you might not be aware of what the credits are and why you need them. Therefore, here is a simple description of the same. Credits are the in-game currency which can be used in purchasing cards and especially the rare cards. However, just like any other precious thing in the real world, credits are not easy to find. 

Getting energy in the game is much easier as all you need to do is to win battles in the exhibition matches. Therefore if you play your cards well, you will easily be rewarded with energy every now and then. However, when it comes to credits, there is no other shortcut except purchasing them. It has not been easy for many players to afford to purchase enough credit cards to help them continue in the game without restrictions. 

Although you can win free credits using gift cards, there are very rare. You can earn gift cards through completing offers on iTunes or Google Play as well as being gifted by your friends. However, the credits earned might be limited. Therefore, the best possible is by using hack generators to hack the game. 

How to get free credits in WWE Supercard?

The process of earning these free credits is straightforward. All you will need to do is to follow the steps listed below:

  • Hit get cards.
  • Choose what you cannot afford (you can choose from $2 Small Credit Packs or $50 Huge Credit Packs).
  • Wait for the credits to be generated. (Although you might not be exactly what you had selected, you will get something close to that). 


Your dream of progressing in WWE Supercard game faster is now becoming a reality. You will become a super wrestler if you can earn the free credits using the two methods shown above.